Understanding Polymers and Composite Materials

Materials science as a field in engineering is commonly represented by well-known and well-studied materials such as metals, ceramics and polymers. But today, the growth in the study of material science has been tremendous, especially in the area of ceramics and polymers. As of today, polymers became one of the most sought after materials because of its high quality application and a diverse set of options that any builder can use in any of the structure they are making.

What is Polymer Materials?

Polymers came from petroleum byproduct. Its low cost is because of its abundance during the process of petroleum processes. Due to the ingenuity of chemical engineers and material scientists, they were able to find ways to include the derivation of polymers in their processes. But the thing is, only 5 per cent of the total petroleum products are used for polymers because petroleum is largely the main product. Although it is regarded as a high value-added products because of the increasing number of international competitors in this area, it also led to the increase in the number of demands in the market paving way to the creation of other products and materials.

As of today, polymers are manufactured in different countries that comes in great quantities and varieties. It can be used in different industries as a material for automobile body parts, home furniture, and even in other sports equipment. Due to its inherent properties, it is the top choice in creating light weight parts of different big automobiles and aircrafts as well as part of a huge machinery. Polymers really became an integral part of the world as it is difficult to create something that will work with such ease and quality without the use of any component made up of polymers. The modern world that we are living right now is definitely made up of polymers that greatly shaped the way we live in the world today.

Why Polymer Materials Should Be Studied?

With the ever changing evolution in the world of manufacturing, it is important to have a dedicated studies to the materials that we use. Although we are now familiar with the options that we can have by using these materials, it is still important to have a 360 degree knowledge of possible effects of the use of these materials. Are we really using the science in order to maximize its potential or we just have not discovered yet the risks that we are taking because of it?

By continuously studying this area of science, we are slowly discovering a much bigger world of composite and polymer research that can be beneficial to everyone in the future. Right now, different industries are benefiting with the discoveries that were made in relation to this field that they are now able to apply in different manufacturing process. The introduction of more efficient and lighter parts in automobiles and different air crafts had led to a world with ease.

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Andrew George

Andrew George has been into polymer material research for over two decades. He had worked with several universities internationally in solidifying theories that are now being put to practice by different entities worldwide. He is one of the major researchers in this field as recognized by his peers.