About Us

Polymer and composite material research have been increasing in number in the past decades primarily because of the awareness in the scientific field. However, the application of such research are quite rare because of the failure to communicate the main result.

Who We Are

That’s where we believe we come in. We try to bridge the gap between the scientific community and the general public when it comes to disseminating information. We believe that research is useless if we are not using them properly or the public is not aware.

We are in the forefront of translating that research into a number of bite-sized articles that are easy to understand and read by the people. We make sure that they are known by many through the articles we publish on this site so they can easily apply the results of such research.

What We Do

The most important thing that we do is looking for funding for the research. We help researchers all over the world to connect to possible funders so they can continue their research and they can propose topics that are evaded by others due to possible expenses that they might incur.

At the same time, we work with them to ensure that the results of their research will be put into good use. We make sure that their published research are available for the public to use and at the same time, are written in a way that it will be easier to understand without scientific background.